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We are specialists, and highly qualified in weed management. This can be a controversial topic in Auckland, so we always make ourselves available to discuss options with neighbours if necessary. Ecological weeds are a serious problem in Auckland.

Conventional herbicides are usually the cheapest and most effective form of control but there is some skill required to do it properly.

Most people use more chemical than is necessary to do the job. Spray nozzle and pressure selection is important in being able to achieve control with the minimum of chemical, and to avoid drift away from the target area.

When we have a cleared a heavy weed infestation, we usually only have to continue with selective spot spraying, as opposed to broadcast spraying of a site. This allows desirable species, especially native plants to prosper.

So with weed control, what is our point of difference?

The main challenge with weed control is the time it the time it takes to get a good result, and tailoring our approach based on exactly what weeds we are combating.  A solid, long term weed removal program requires knowledge of the weed, the location and other factors, so call us today.

Just some of the weeds we regularly deal with:

Woolly nightshade

Woolly nightshade is spread by seed. The flowers became berries that are very attractive to birds. The birds drop them below their nesting trees. This weed can quickly invade bare land.

Palm grass

Palm Grass

Palm Grass is spread by seed and rhizomatous growth.It is Invasive and will take over an area.

Arum Lilly

Arum Lilly spreads by seed and vegetative growth and forms dense clumps. It is invasive and the yellow flower toxic to mammals.


Watsonia is an attractive clump forming flowering plant. It produces aerial corms on its flower head which spread and form new plants. 
Ladder fern


Ivy there are many forms of Ivy, some more difficult to control than others, especially if they are growing in shady areas. Repeat spraying over time usually removes them.
Acanthus mollis

Acanthus mollis (Bears Breeches)

Acanthus mollis  (Bears Breeches) is an attractive dark green leaved plant with colourful flower spikes  with seeds that swell and explode to spread..


Agapanthus can reproduce by both seed and rhizomatous tissue. They are invasive and unchecked will take over an area. repeat spraying over time will control them.
Wild ginger

Wild ginger

Wild ginger is spread by seeds that are very attractive to birds. It grows into clumps of rhizomes that are difficult to kill, and can regenerate when seemingly dead. Highly invasive and will take over an area and prevent native plants growing.

Ladder fern

Ladder Fern

Ladder fern a highly invasive fern that produces stoloniferous runners. It is very difficut to remove by digging because any remaining stoloniferous tissue can regenerate.
Wild ginger

Elelphant Grass

Elephant grass spreads through stem fragments. It was introduced to New Zealand as a shelter species for horticultural crops. When it establishes it quickly dominates the area around it.

Environmental weeds

After with replanting natives