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Ampertaine Garden Services

We base our business on 40 years experience in commercial horticulture including post graduate qualification in plant science, international study in advanced agrichemical application technology (Hardi International in Denmark). So if you are wanting a garden of distinction, come to us. Our background includes market gardening, greenhouse growing, greenkeeping, orcharding kiwifruit, avocados, weed control, certified organic grower, and a post graduate level study and research in plant science at Massey University.

Historically, the concept of Pat 4 Mowing came from our heritage relating to Ampertaine House, an old mansion from Ireland. That is a 3 story Georgian style mansion built by my great great grandfather William Clark in 1853 for his new bride from Waterford. They owned a linen milling town at Upperlands, Londonderry, Ulster. William Clark and Sons is still one of the oldest companies in Britain. His oldest son, William was my great great grandfather and heir to the family home and business. However he fell in love with a lower class woman and got sent off to the colonies with some money to stay away. The home eventually got given back to one of my cousins some years ago. The home remained in the family until recently.

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