Mowing and lawn care

Expert mowing and lawn care services

Mowing is more than buying a mower and pushing it over the grass.

Mower specifications, such as engine size and body design, blade sharpness and deck cleanliness all contribute to a nice finish. Our mowers are cleaned and serviced regularly.

Our standard mowers are mulch mowers, which over time make for a greener and healthier lawn than catching and removing grass. Catching removes both nutrient and organic matter which lawns need for optimum appearance.

Edging of paths and margins is standard with our work. Our edging is double, vertical and horizontal, to accentuate the border between lawn and path.

Most Auckland lawns, especially those mown with a mulch mower, do not need added fertiliser. However, some do, and can also have issues like moss infestation. We can apply fertiliser for grass growth and moss control.

We can also apply selective herbicides for lawn weeds such as the prickly Onehunga weed.

Mulch mowing without clippings

Here’s an example of a property with provider lawn care services for:

Slashing long grass before
Pat 4 Mowing lawn mowing services