We offer a wide range of property services

Lawn mowing services

Mowing and lawn care

Find out why good quality mowing is much more than just buying a lawn mower and pushing it. Use our years of experience to create the perfect lawn.

Lawn mowing services

Weed control

We are specialists, and highly qualified in weed management. This can be a controversial topic in Auckland, so we always make ourselves available to discuss options with neighbours if necessary.
Hedges and pruning

Hedges and pruning

Hedges trimming need to be done regularly, so have soft growth on the outside. This makes for a neater cut and better appearance.
Green waste recycling

Green waste recycling

We offer regular and one-off green waste removal. We can leave a bag for the customer to fill at their leisure, and when full we collect it an remove the waste to recycling.
Slashing service


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At Ampertaine Garden Services, we are you go-to experts for all your green needs. Covering a wide range of services allows us to deliver quality solutions to our clients every time.

The distinct advantage we have over a lot of our competition is our professional quality and highly maintained equipment, meaning each client receives the same standard of work, regardless of the size of the job.

Our blades and mowers are sharpened/cleaned regularly, and we operate with Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for your peace of mind.