There can be a lot of unknowns when it comes to how best present your property. We’ve spent a number of years learning from every job we take on, to make sure we’re able to inform clients of the ins and outs of our work.

Our best client is an informed client, as it means they know what we’re doing, how we’re going to do it, and most importantly – why we’re doing it. Take a look below and see if we can give you some more information before getting started. For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why not just buy a mower and do the lawns myself?
Cheaper domestic mowers from DIY stores are usually under powered and come with a catcher. Most professionals use powerful commercial mulch mowers, that cut the clippings into a fine mulch that is worked back into the sward. Using a catcher deprives the lawn of both nutrient and organic matter that it needs to look good, especially during a dry summer. Also, because of global warming grass is growing quicker than it used to, so missing a mow with an under powered catcher mower means a difficult and time consuming mow next time. Also, just as important is edge trimming. The commercial line trimmers needed to make a nice job of lawn edges are more powerful and expensive than those sold at DIY stores.
So I just need to spend more money on a mower?
No. The professionals use compressed air to both clean underneath the mower, and to sharpen the blades. This makes for a tidier cut, with a nice even sheen to the lawn. Your lawn is the first thing that visitors see of your property. Good impressions are lasting impressions.
What advantage is there in having Horticultural Experience to mow lawns?
We don’t just mow lawns. We give advice freely on all aspects relating to landscaping and gardening, especially weed control. There are many aspects of landscaping, such as what new trees or plants will do after five years or so. Many plants that look good in a nursery can cause problems later on.
Also there are many plants that self seed and become attractive small trees. However they are actually weeds; most self seeders are weeds. It is much easier and cheaper to get rid of them early than have to wait until they are many metres tall or in the case of lower growing plants they have spread throughout and choked a garden.
How often does my lawn need to be mowed?
Most of our customers have their lawns mown fortnightly; some even weekly. To help customers save money we are usually happy to mow three weekly, but that does not look as good. The more often lawn is mowed, the better it looks, just like brushing hair. Also first mows, when the grass has grown long never look as good as when mowed regularly. These lawns can take three to four mows to improve. If the grass is long, the first mow is always untidy and can take two or more mows to improve in appearance.
Does weed control just mean spraying?
Not necessarily. There are three recognised ways of managing weeds. The first is cultural, or environmental management on your property, the second is physical removal, then there is use of agrichemicals, which does not always mean spraying. There are other ways of applying agrichemicals, such as weed wipers or gel applicators. Of course weed spraying is usually the cheapest option, but not all herbicides control all weeds, so some planning is required.
Why is there a need for Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?
It is standard with professional operators to carry Public Liability Insurance. It is a mark of quality assurance.
What do you mean by reliable mowing?
People like to know that their lawn will be mowed at a regular time, especially if they are planning an outdoor function over summer. We often get calls in summer from people whose regular contractor has decided either he doesn’t like the business and is giving up, or is taking an extended holiday and hasn’t told them. Usually the first they know is when the lawn gets long, and if they have a function planned it can be a problem both getting it mowed, and looking good beforehand.
We are always a phone call, text or email away from our customers, and if we have a change of schedule will tell them well in advance. Also if a customer is planning an extended holiday it is reassuring to know your lawn will be mowed, and somebody you trust is visiting the property.